Harvey Norman 凯膳怡/KitchenAid 5AKMT423ER 4片红色烤面包机 多功能多士炉吐司加热机7种烘烤程度 机身一体成型 液晶显示屏

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49db726af1cbbe78使用 KitchenAid Artisan 烤面包机体验每天早晨的完美开始。 一键式控制可根据需要升高和降低面包,Crumpet 和 Defrost 按钮可以按照您想要的方式烘烤所有东西,而 Keep Warm 按钮可让烤面包保持温暖,直到您准备好而不会发生额外的褐变。
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KitchenAid 是美国的专业厨房家电制造商,旗下的厨师机尤为著名,美观实用是其广受美国主妇欢迎的原因。 本款凯膳怡/KitchenAid 5AKMT223ER 烤面包机烤面包机,全金属机身一体成型,7种烘烤程度可选,液晶显示。可卸式碎屑盘方便打理。
  • 外观美观
  • 功能齐全
  • 液晶屏显示
  • 易于查看和更改设置
  • 烤出来的面包香脆可口
  • 价格昂贵

规格参数: Harvey Norman 凯膳怡/KitchenAid 5AKMT423ER 4片红色烤面包机 多功能多士炉吐司加热机7种烘烤程度 机身一体成型 液晶显示屏



Product Type

4 Slice Toaster

Model Number



Empire Red







Product Weight



24 Months

产品视频: Harvey Norman 凯膳怡/KitchenAid 5AKMT423ER 4片红色烤面包机 多功能多士炉吐司加热机7种烘烤程度 机身一体成型 液晶显示屏

8 reviews for Harvey Norman 凯膳怡/KitchenAid 5AKMT423ER 4片红色烤面包机 多功能多士炉吐司加热机7种烘烤程度 机身一体成型 液晶显示屏

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  1. Avatar of arielokinawa


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this toaster because my family has grown and the 2-slice one we had was not adequate anymore. I loved the idea of no levers to raise and lower the bread and the press of a button is so nice! The light up display is great – it shuts off on its own after a while. The knobs easily allows you to adjust the length of time the bread will be toasted. Overall, my family loves the toaster and my out of town family was impressed by it as well. I may have even gotten some of them to upgrade! I am very satisfied with this purchase and am happy to have added another KitchenAid product to my kitchen.

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  2. Avatar of Pav1


    We got this 5 days ago, and so far it has been excellent, the bread is crispy on the outside and soft inside, ie I put it on level 5 or 6, it goes up to 7 so it all depends on whatever shade you choose. Other then that, it’s a very sleek, elegant and modern looking toaster. There are other toasters on the market that may look “prettier” but they don’t have the same features as this one. I rather more features and functionality over just looks… this is one sexy toaster! In saying that, I will give another review in a years time to really see how the product is performing, hopefully it’ll be the same as when we first bought it.

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  3. Avatar of MPR1177


    I bought this two weeks ago as my two year old Sunbeam started to burn toast & set off my smoke alarm. I like the features like defrost warming & the ability to toast thick bread & crumpets. The toast color is perfect but I do find the toast to be very dry with the all the internal moisture released in the process. Some times I will cut the bread in half or remove a portion. When the cycle is finished the height that the toast ejects is not adjustable so I can’t manualy raise the toast or pop it up to grab it. I have to wait for the toaster to cool down before I can reach the toast without burning my fingers. I would also like to be able to turn the BEEB alert off with a switch.

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  4. Avatar of Bobra


    I bought this toaster because it was well reviewed and appeared to have good reliability. 3 weeks in, so far so good.
    What can you say about a toaster – it does its job but hey, it’s just a toaster, not rocket science. It’s very large, seems robust and it works. The big negative for me is the HIGHLY irritating beep when you turn it on and when it’s finished toasting. I mean, I can maybe understand the beep when it has finished (although it could be more subtle) but why does it beep when start toasting? I’m right there – I KNOW it’s started so why give me an audible signal that can be heard in the next postcode?

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  5. Avatar of JamesR


    Have been a big fan of commercial grade products for a retail market, hence why I always weigh up KithenAid. HOWEVER, apart form their stand mixers and hand blenders & mixers, it seems they are dabbing into other appliances and unfortunately is going to tarnish reputation. Have had this toaster for about 2.5 years and have to admit I only used it rarely. Now, the left hand side failed to work. Lowers bread and raises straight back up. Repeats this about three time then holds the bread down. Have to turn off the unit and back on to release the bread. Very inconvenient if you already have the other side going. Now, it just trips the circuit. Seems to be many others with same issue. Always these issues appear just out of warranty. Premium price for something I would expect for an average price quality. Same goes with their Artisan 1.7L Kettle but that is a whole other story Have invested a lot of money in KitchenAid and starting to realize it is starting to become a gamble…

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  6. Avatar of Murphy


    I bought this toaster a month ago after a lot of research.
    Initially it was fabulous but within 10 days it started playing up.
    One side of the pair would not release the toast and raise it after the cooking cycle had completed. We managed by turning it off and then on again at the power point but then this process no longer solved the problem. Now both sides of the toasting pair are playing up. Thank you Kitchen Aid for offering to replace it. I am waiting for a replacement to arrive at the retail store. I hope that this was an unusual problem and we have better luck with the next toaster.

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  7. Avatar of CKPossum


    We’ve had this toaster for almost 2 months now and it makes great toast (raisin bread included). However, having paid a premium price for the “crumpet” setting which was for us a major criteria in choosing this brand and model; the results are much less than satisfactory. Very disappointed that the full “7” needs to be selected after which the crumpets still need to be rotated (top to bottom) and a further “4” selected before a consistent cook and colouring is achieved. Slow and annoying to say the least as our previous run of the mill pop-up did this particular task better. In fairness it looks impressive on the bench.

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  8. Avatar of Derek_AU


    The toaster works largely as you’d expect. Takes a long time to get a decent brown on heavy sourdough or gluten-free bread, but I guess that’s par for the course.
    The big downside (and this is despite previous purchasers) flagging this with the manufacturer since at least 2016 is the very loud, piercing beep noise that it makes at the start and end of the toast cycle.
    I’m guessing the alert is needed because the toast doesn’t spring up (so no “sproing” sound at the end), but it’s unexpectedly loud. It is in desperate need of a volume control.
    Also needs a lift function to make it easier to get smaller pieces of bread out when the cycle is complete.

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