Harvey Norman 飞利浦 Philips Sonicare HX9954/56 星空蓝色电动牙刷 钻石亮白智能型 成人声波震动钻石系列 APP智能监控

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Harvey Norman
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DiamondClean Smart 是提供全面护理的最佳牙刷。四个高性能刷头让您专注于口腔健康的所有领域,智能传感器技术为您提供个性化的反馈和指导。


<ul> <li><strong>去除多达 10 倍的牙菌斑,进行深层清洁 – </strong>单击 Premium 牙菌斑控制刷头,体验我们最深层的清洁。刷毛具有柔软灵活的侧面,可贴合每颗牙齿表面的形状,提供 4 倍的表面接触***,并从难以触及的区域去除多达 10 倍的牙菌斑*。</li> <li><strong>在短短 2 周内让牙龈更健康 7 倍* – </strong>单击 Premium Gum Care 刷头以改善您的牙龈健康。其较小的尺寸和有针对性的牙龈线刷毛可沿着牙龈线提供温和而有效的清洁,牙龈疾病从那里开始。临床证明,它可以在短短两周内减少多达 100% 的牙龈炎症*,并使牙龈更健康多达 7 倍。*</li> <li><strong>在短短 3 天内去除多达 100% 的污渍** –  </strong>点击 Premium White 刷头,去除表面污渍,展现您最白皙的笑容。凭借其密集的中央去污刷毛,临床证明它可以在短短三天内去除多达 100% 的污渍。**</li> <li><strong>享受持久清新的口气 –  </strong>单击 TongueCare+ 舌刷,轻轻去除舌头毛孔中引起异味的细菌。其 240 根特别设计的微刷毛位于您的所有舌脊和凹槽之间,可清除导致口臭的细菌和碎屑。与我们的抗菌 BreathRx 舌喷剂配合使用,可提供卓越的清洁效果和清新的口气。</li> <li><strong>开始更好地照顾您的麻烦区域 –  </strong>您的牙医指出了哪些问题?我们会在您的应用内 3D 嘴巴地图上突出显示它们,并提醒您特别注意这些区域。</li> <li><strong>跟踪你刷过的地方,突出你没有刷过的地方 –  </strong>多亏了我们的智能位置传感器,您将始终知道自己刷过的地方和没有刷过的地方。在飞利浦 Sonicare 应用程序上进行实时跟踪,让您知道何时彻底清洁,并指导您成为更好、更专注的刷牙者。</li> </ul>

* 与使用领先美白牙膏的手动牙刷相比
** 与 DiamondClean 相比
*** 2 周时牙龈健康模式与手动牙刷的对比
**** 在 White+ 模式下使用 3 天后对比手动牙刷
***** 基于标准模式下每天两次两分钟的刷牙
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What’s in the Box?

  • 1x DiamondClean 9000 Handle
  • 1x C3 Premium Plaque Control Brush Head
  • 1x W2 Optimal Black Brush Head
  • 1x Glass Charger
  • 1x USB Charging Travel Case
  • 1x Charger Base

规格参数: Harvey Norman 飞利浦 Philips Sonicare HX9954/56 星空蓝色电动牙刷 钻石亮白智能型 成人声波震动钻石系列 APP智能监控


Philips Sonicare

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Electric Toothbrush

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24 Months

8 reviews for Harvey Norman 飞利浦 Philips Sonicare HX9954/56 星空蓝色电动牙刷 钻石亮白智能型 成人声波震动钻石系列 APP智能监控

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  1. Avatar of Pinkpinkann4


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 is So sleek and stylish, I absolutely love how it looks on my counter. It’s soft to the touch and grips well. My mouth feels absolutely amazing and squeaky clean after brushing, but specifically by following along with the Sonicare app. The app is honestly the star of this product.
    The DiamondClean is head and shoulders above my previous electric toothbrush and there is no comparison to a manual brush.
    I would 100% recommend this product if you’re after a modern, powerful and unique product. Highly recommend downloading the Sonicare app to use with this fabulous toothbrush!

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  2. Avatar of Micilikos8


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The toothbrush looks very elegant and modern. Mine is black and it perfectly blends with the decor in the bathroom. The glass charger is innovative and interesting. The travel case is beautiful and I love the additional charger perfectly positioned underneath. The app is easy to use and it is great how you can track your daily brushing and get handy tips. I can really feel that my teeth are much better cleaned with this toothbrush when compared to a regular toothbrush.
    I highly recommend it.

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  3. Avatar of Jakethemuz3


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] DiamondClean 9000 Electric Toothbrush with its wireless charging glass and black finish is more stylish then traditional electric tooth brushes. Really like that the head is like a manual toothbrush and doesn’t spin rather it pulsates in your mouth delivering that just been to the dentist feel. The Apps ok, but wish i cause pause something (Toothbrush or the app) without stopping either too rinse and spit. Additionally the 2 minute timer seems a little short compared to other models but guess this could be an advantage for time poor people. Overall this high end toothbrush will surely please my Denist at my next visit.

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  4. Avatar of Josie8


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I absolutely love this toothbrush! I am amazed at how well the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 cleans my teeth; they feel as clean as when I leave my dentist! I always thought that I was getting a good clean with my previous electric toothbrush, but this toothbrush is so much better. The oscillation means that my teeth get a very deep clean, without having to press hard at all. And I love the way that I can use the toothbrush in conjunction with the Philips Sonicare app, which helps me time my brush and gives me feedback on how well I brushed! I would highly recommend this toothbrush to anyone looking for an amazing, effortless clean.

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  5. Avatar of AnitaM7


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean 9000 Electric Toothbrush is hands down the best I’ve ever used. I’ve alway thought my teeth were getting a good clean until I used this product. The first time I used it my teeth felt and looked instantly cleaner and smoother and after using it everyday they are also looking whiter too. I have already told everyone I know about this product because I really do love it so much, I will never go back to any other product and I’m looking at purchasing my family one each too in the future.

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  6. Avatar of Sydney8


    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I really like Phillips Diamond clean 9000 electric toothbrush . It is one of my favourite brand from now onwards. I am really impressed by its unique features, charging cup and travel case. The brush itself looks very stylish and luxurious.

    It is far better than other brands. This toothbrush is so much better than the one I was previously using it. I feel so comfortable using it compared to other cheaper brands. My teeth are cleaned and whiter after using it for only few times.You can also link it to your phone and track your daily brushing .
    I would definitely recommend this toothbrush to everyone. It is worth the price you pay.

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  7. Avatar of Ray26


    The toothbrush does a great job cleaning your teeth and they certainly feel cleaner after brushing, definitely cleaner than my previous (not a Philips) toothbrush. It seems rather loud whilst brushing but is quite tolerable. The charging glass is a great idea and works well, just drop it in (gently) and it’s charging. Battery seems to last ages. The only problem I have had so far is the app, while being a helpful guide, is completely useless. It can’t find the brush handle and I have had to download and delete it a couple of times. It recognises the handle and one or two brushes later can’t find it, so repeat process. Then repeat again! Until you get sick of it and give up. So the point is to keep a record of your brushing habits, but it cannot do that when it can’t find the brush. It looks like I brush every two or three days.

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  8. Avatar of Sweat Lips

    Sweat Lips

    I have the black coloured handle & brush heads. Using the gum health option on the handle with the G3 brush head I had incredible gum health recovery within 3 weeks. I sit down every time to brush my teeth and think about what I am doing. At 1st using the Sonicare App to become familiar with applied pressure and correcting brushing techniques.
    My gum health recovery was impressive. My dentist recommended the moth wash Savacol to kill gingivitis with proper dental flossing and daily use of interdental brushes for improved gum health.
    I couldn’t go a day without my Sonicare DiamondClean tooth brush. Yes that good.

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